Event Instructions


Event Instructions

Adult Volunteer

Arrive at the event at least 10-15 minutes early.

Have a sign up sheet available for everyone to sign in.  Below is a link for a sign in sheet.


Make sure everyone signs in and out.

Once complete, either:  take a photo of sheet and text to Melissa Vincik at 281-682-4108, scan and email to Melissa Vincik at vincikmelissa@yahoo.com or give to Melissa Vincik at next meeting.



RSVP for event.

Arrive at event on time.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Check in with Adult in charge and make sure you sign in.

While at the event, please make sure you are doing a task related to the event the entire time.  This is not a time for playing, talking on your phone, texting or visiting with friends.  It is a time to work for your community by doing community service or funding your Scout account by being paid for a job. 

Make sure to sign out.

Record in the back of your Scouting book.