Troop 129



Each Scout and participating adult shall practice living by the Scout Oath and Scout Law in everyday life, as well as, at all scouting functions. Scout Spirit will be the acceptable behavior at all Scout events.


In addition to the policies contained in this document, all policies and procedures written in the Guide to Safe Scouting and The Boy Scout Leader Book apply as well.

Participation in the BSA program is a privilege, which carries responsibilities of all involved in order to carry out our objectives. The policies contained in this document are for ensuring safety and enjoyment for all scouting members.


Troop membership depends upon acceptance of the Troop 129 Code of Conduct.

Troop 129 Code of Conduct applies to the Boy Scouts, Adult Scouters and all Parent Participants as well as other family participants.


  • Any Scout holding a position of responsibility will be removed from that position if they cannot properly fulfill the requirements of the position. The Scoutmaster will decide when/if the Scout can return to the position of responsibility.


  • Every Scout must attend the Troop meeting prior to any Troop Activity (campout, hike, etc.) in order to be eligible to go on the activity, unless excused by SPL and Scoutmaster.


  • Every Scout must have his Scout Handbook, paper, pen or pencil, and appropriate uniform at all meetings.


  • The Class A uniform consists of the uniform (buttoned and tucked in) with appropriate insignia, knot rope and Order of the Arrow hardware if applicable. Court of Honor Class A Uniform will consist of appropriate merit badge sash and special medals earned.


  • No open-toed footwear at meetings or events.  They can be worn only for shower and pool activities.


  • If a scout has insufficient funds in his account, he will be asked to pay for his portion of the campout at the following troop meeting.  Unless it is a major campout (Summer Camp), which would need to be paid in advance.


  • An adult leader must be aware of where Scouts are going at any time they leave the Troop activity (meeting, campsite, etc.) Scouts must travel with a buddy and check in with the same leader with whom they checked out with when they return.


  • Improper use of any private or public property is prohibited.


  • No fighting at any Troop activity. If an involved Scout is holding a position of responsibility, in addition to any punishment, they may be removed from that position.


  • Address all leaders by Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and their last name.  


  • Each Person shall show respect to Adult Leaders/Parent participants, as well as his fellow scouts at all times.


  • Foul language, inappropriate games/behavior, or verbal/physical abuse will not be tolerated at any time.


  • Each person will respect other Scouts/Scouters property at all times. Nothing will be taken or used without the permission of the other person. If you break/lose another person’s property, you will pay for it, regardless if you had permission or not.


  • During meetings/outings Scouts will be confined to the meeting/outing area. Permission to leave the area must be obtained from an Adult Leader/Parent participant, noting the specific need to leave the area, and must follow the buddy system. The meeting area must be kept neat and left clean, including the bathroom area.


  • No electronic devices for Scouts, with the exception of flashlights or medically required devices, shall be taken on Boy Scout outings. The device must remain in the vehicle once the destination is reached. No electronic devices are allowed in tents or other outing areas unless by special permission of the Patrol Leaders’ Council and Scoutmaster. Adults must use good judgment.


  • The Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or at any activity involving participation of youth members. Prescription drugs must be checked according to BSA policy.


  • Scouts should use the chain of command working through their Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol and leader and Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmaster regarding inappropriate behavior of a Scout. If there is eminent danger to a Scout or Adult do not hesitate to escalate to the nearest adult.


Illness or Injury


In the case a Scout becomes ill or injured during an event (meeting, event, camp):


  • Parent/Guardian will be responsible for picking up Scout at the event.


  • If a Scout needs medical attention two adult leaders will take the Scout to the appropriate venue for medical attention and parents/guardian will be responsible to pick up the Scout if necessary.


  • Troop will not be responsible for reimbursement of outing if applicable.


Camping and Hiking Rules


  • Class A Uniforms will be worn when traveling to and from outings.


  • Work on all merit badges and rank advancement will be done in the campsite common area or program areas. Scouts shall not work on merit badges or rank advancement in tents.


  • Do not leave gear or personal belongings lying around and keep tents neat at all times.


  • No eating or drinking in the tents. Do not leave food in or around tents

unattended or overnight.


  • Pocket sized snacks will be the only extra food allowed when camping unless authorized by the Scoutmaster. Scouts may not bring personal coolers.


  • Scouts will not bring their own tents.


  • Monies will be deducted from Scout accounts after events.  If you have an insufficient funds balance, you will receive an email asking you to refund the troop as soon as possible for the event.  If you signed up for the event and did not go, you will still be charged for the event.


  • When on a work detail (service project, cooking or cleaning), the Scout will do the work assigned. If you are not part of the work detail, do not bother the other Scouts.


  • Do not play with fire.


  • There will be no running or throwing of objects not intended to be thrown unless it is part of specific organized activity.


  • All Scouts will be in bed, quiet with lights out by 10:00 p.m.


  • No guns or other weapons can be brought to a scouting event except for tools described in the totin’ chip booklet. No hatchets or sheath knives are allowed. No pocket knives with a blade of longer than 3 inches are allowed. The Scouts who have the totin’ chip are able to carry a knife as long as they follow the proper safety procedures. Each time they act in an unsafe way with their knife they will have a corner cut off their totin’ chip. Once all corners are cut off, they will have their totin chip removed from their possession and then, if desired, they may take the session again. The Scouts that wish to get their totin’ chip at the event may bring their knife. When they get to the event, they must hand their knife to an adult leader. When going to the totin’ chip session they must ask a fellow scout who has their totin chip to carry it to the totin’ chip session.


  • When sawing or splitting wood, block off an area to do this work. Ensure there is sufficient working space for each person working. Put all tools away when the work is completed.


Failure to follow any of the rules above, as well as the National BSA policy outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting booklet, will result in one or more of the following actions:


Meeting/Outing Policies:


Actions to be taken after agreement by the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster and a second adult leader:


  1. A verbal warning informing the Scout or Scouter that their behavior is inappropriate by the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster.
  2. A meeting with the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster or designated event leader present at the meeting/outing, the witnessing Adult Leader, Scout and Parent of Scout if present to discuss modification of inappropriate behavior and consequences should inappropriate behavior continue.
  3. The Scout or Scouter will be asked to leave the event. Parent of the Scout is responsible to pick up, or take their Scout from the meeting/outing should this happen. No reimbursement of meeting/outing fees, or any other cost incurred by picking up the Scout will be given to the Scout or Scouter or his family when this action occurs.


Follow Up Actions:


If actions 2 or 3 above were taken, a personal meeting between the Scout or Scouter, Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chair will take place after the meeting/outing and one or more of the following actions will occur.


Parents/Guardians will be contacted and briefed on the situation.

Letter of apology prepared by Scout or Scouter participant and read to meeting/outing participants affected by the behavior.

A 500 word report on conduct and proper Scout Spirit.

Suspension from all future outings until proper behavior at patrol and troop meetings is demonstrated.

Sent home and suspension from all Troop Activities for a minimum of two weeks. If a Scout is suspended a second time, the Troop Committee will convene to determine further discipline or expulsion from the Troop.

Revocation of Scout or Scouter membership in the unit. 



Print below and return to a leader or ASM:

Troop 129
Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement Form






I, ____________________________, along with my parents have received and reviewed the “Troop 129 Code of Conduct” pages 1-5 and agree to abide by those rules and regulations of conduct and behavior of Troop 129 and the Boy Scouts of America. I understand and agree to the consequences involved should I fail to do so at any time.


Signed and dated:

Scout __________________________________________ Date ______________






We, the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) of Boy Scout __________________________ have received and reviewed the “Troop 129 Code of Conduct” with our Boy Scout, and agree to abide with the rules and regulations of Troop 129 and the Boy Scouts of America. We understand and agree to the consequences involved should we fail to do so at any time.


Signed and dated:

Parent / Guardian _________________________________ Date ______________



Parent / Guardian _________________________________ Date ______________



Parent / Guardian _________________________________ Date ______________


**This form is required to be signed and returned. This information will be reviewed with the Scouts and their parents/guardians periodically, and require additional confirmation dates/signatures.


Revised 3/30/2015 

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