Merit Badge Counselors


For a list of Merit Badge Counselors in Brazos District, sign in to Troop Track, go to the Manage button, Members and Merit Badge Counselors.

You can search by typing in the name of the Merit Badge in the search box and hitting enter.


You need to fill out and submit Three (3) forms and take Youth Protection Training.

BSA Adult Leader Application (also known as the Merit Badge Counselors Worksheet.)

YPT Certificate (

- On the BSA Adult Leader Application under Position Code include "42" for Merit Badge Counselor.
- Complete all of the leader application, consent form, and the OCBSA Merit Badge Counselor Application.
- There is no fee required to register as a Merit Badge Counselor.


Your BSA application and Consent form will then be signed and forwarded to the Council office for their review, check and entry. This entire process can take approximately 6 weeks. You can begin counseling scouts at this time, unless otherwise notified.

Annual Renewal

The National Council policy for Merit Badge Counselors is that unless a person specifically registers as a Merit Badge Counselor annually they are to be removed from the list of active Counselors. This is because over the past years, National has received up to 1,000 letters per month from the surviving spouses of Merit Badge Counselors's that they are still being called by scouts.

Annually, each (Troop/Unit/Crew) will receive a list of their Merit Badge Counselors.

The Troop Merit Badge Counselor worksheet will have each counselor, their personal identification information and the merit badges each counselor is registered for listed for. The Coordinator will contact each Counselor and ask:
1. If the counselor is interested in continuing to be a counselor for the upcoming year? If yes, go to #2 and #3. If not, the Coordinator will put a line through your name.
2. Is there any changes or corrections to personal identification information?
3. Would you like to make any additions or deletions of any merit badges you are registered to teach (Please choose a maximum of 6 badges)?

Each (Troop/Unit/Crew) Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator will submit their updated Troop Merit Badge Counselor worksheet to the District advancement Chairman.

Any counselors that the Coordinator cannot reach, cannot be reached by our scouts either so at this time will be removed from the Merit Badge Counselor List and re-application will be necessary.