Board of Review tips:



Words of Wisdom from previous SM, now ASM Tom Dunk---


Things to consider:

Swim trunks and towels live on the very top of your truck.

A clothes line and a few clothes pins just might come in handy.

Scorpions love to hide in stinky hiking boots. Turn them over and hit them together before putting them on. It lets the nasty little critters know that you don’t like to share your boots.

Boot strings break! An extra pair can sure keep pep in your step.

Fresh flashlight batteries help you see in the dark and locate things in the big black box.

Socks smell really, really bad if worn more than a day or six. A clean pair a day makes for happy tent mates.

It took the rocks and boulders millions of years to get where they are and they didn’t fly there.

Pets in camp are not allowed! Leave the wildlife in the wild unless it is a lost Scout.

Hats are one of the greatest inventions ever. They keep Sun out of your eyes and rain off of your head.







Mom and Dad should not be packing your camping gear.

Flashlights work best with fresh batteries in them.

Eating meals is easier if you have your mess kit, which does include a utensil set.

Drinking fluids is a necessity and is easier to accomplish with a CUP.

Cots keep you off the ground which is especially nice if the ground is wet.

Sleeping bags make cots more comfy and YOU not cold.

Hats keep your head bone DRYER, WARMER, AND UNBURNED!