square knot - two half hitches - clove hitch - timber hitch - bowline - taut line hitch


Square Knot

Right over left and under, left over right and under, then pull.





Two Half-Hitches

Pass the end of a rope around the object and tie an overhand knot. For the Two Half Hitches, repeat with a second overhand knot in the same direction.






Clove Hitch

Wrap the rope around a post and cross it.  Wrap the leading end of the rope around the post again and tuck it under itself below the cross.  Pull tight.





The Timber Hitch

Pass the working end of a rope around the object and take a turn around the standing part. Tuck the working end back around itself three times with the lay of the rope.  Add one or two half hitches near the hauling end for hoisting and to keep load from twisting.






The bowline is often taught using the story of the rabbit and the hunter.  Form the rabbit’s hole by making a loop in the rope. Take the leading line (the rabbit) up through the hole.  The “rabbit” sees a hunter, runs around the tree (the standing line of the rope)  It goes back into the hole. Pull both ends of the rope to finish the knot.





Taut-line Hitch

It works best with cord that is at least ¼-inch thick.  Wrap the rope around a secure object such as a tent stake. Bring the leading end under the standing rope and wrap the end around the standing part two times.  Finish by bringing the leading rope above the two loops and finish with


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