Paying your own way is a fundamental principle of the Boy Scouts of America. It is one of the reasons why no solicitations (requests for contributions from individuals or the community) are permitted by units. Young people in Scouting are taught early on that if they want something in life, they need to earn it.




Mrs. Staley is our Popcorn Chairperson.  If you have any questions related to popcorn sales, you can call her at 281-384-3484 or email her at

To sign up to sell online, go to and register.


Use these resources to help you sell.


Basic Sales Tips

Asking is the key to selling.

Target Your Customers

Add up all the easy prospects you can think of starting with the "Perfect 10":

___ 10 Sales to Family Friends, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, Labor Day parties, etc.
___ 10 Sales to your mom's friends at work, clubs, youth groups, teams, etc. Challenge your parents to each make 10 sales! 10 Sales.
___ 10 Sales to your dad's friends at work, clubs, youth groups, teams, etc.
___ 10 Sales to closest neighbors.

That's your first 40 sales! At an average of $20 each, that is your first $800 in less than a week.

___ Hair salon, insurance office, bank, etc. You give them your business. 3-10 sales?
___ Friends at your religious institution: 3 - 5 Sales?
___ Everyone you have sold anything to in the past. Did you keep their names and numbers? 1 - 50 Sales or more.
___ The next 25 neighbors in each direction. (60% should buy!)

That's 40 to 100+ easy sales! At $20 each, that's $800 to $2,000 in sales! You can make $260 to $660 to pay unit dues with the rest going into your Individual Account.

Target Your Times

"Sell early, sell often." - Start selling as soon as you can, preferably before school starts and everyone else is selling something.

Once school starts in the fall, everyone will be selling something,. Get to as many people as you can before school starts.

Saturday morning is often the best time.

Saturday afternoon is next best.

Sunday afternoon is very good.

Sunday evening is good.

Weekday evenings after 5:30 can be good as well.

Target Your Uniform

Wear your uniform shirt, hat, and shorts if possible.

Target Your Territory

Start with your own friends, family, and neighborhood if it is safe.

Target safe neighborhoods likely to buy.

Leave “Sorry I missed you” notes. Some will call you back or remember when you come back.

Give Thank You notes asking for additional orders.

Keep a copy of forms you turn in as a backup.

Ask them to pay by check when they place the order. It is much harder to get the money the second time.

Ask if they can pay by check so you don't have to carry much cash.

Save your names and phone numbers so you will know who to ask & who to avoid next year.

Show and Sell

Show and Sell opportunities are everywhere! Walmart is just one of a list of major retailers and grocery stores that often allow Scout units to sell in front of their stores for immediate delivery. In one Saturday, your unit might sell $1,500 in popcorn at a single store!

When you plan your Show and Sells, consider these opportunities:

  • Do you have a Walmart or other major retailers in your area?
  • Could you have a stand at festivals, car shows, and other events in your area?
  • Would your Chartered Organization host a show and sell?
  • Would local churches or other religious organizations allow Scouts who are their members to sell after services?
  • What are their busiest times?

How many Show and Sell opportunities do you have? Limit shifts for Scouts to 2 hours or so. Remember safety first.

Overcoming Objections

Customer Objections

  1. We can't eat popcorn. Would you like to "Support the Troops" and send popcorn to soldiers overseas? How about as gifts for others?
  2. We already bought. Can I practice my sales pitch with you anyway? (Many will still buy again!)
  3. That seems too expensive. Tell them what you do. Show them your patches! 2/3's of the money helps local Scouts.
  4. I don't have any money. No problem. You can pay by check now and it will not be deposited until ___.
  5. Not home. Leave your "Sorry I Missed You" note.

Parent Objections

  1. We're too busy. For one day? For one morning? To just take forms with you to work, etc.?
  2. We aren't sure he's staying in. Not taking a morning to sell may mean that he will have to drop out. Please sell and give him the option.
  3. "We'll just pay whatever it costs. Could you at least take forms with you to work, friends, neighbors, etc.? He is learning self-reliance.
  4. We are already selling other things. Would you let your friends and family choose which they want?

Unit Leader Objections

  1. We already do other fundraisers. Why not just make this available to your Scouts who might be interested?
  2. Too much of the profit goes to the council. The unit gets 1/3 and the council gets 1/3. The council's third pays for facilities, camps, staffing, and resources that help keep your costs down.
  3. We can't sell in our area. Then don't. Do you have any other areas within 30 minutes where you could sell?
  4. We don't need to do fundraising. Popcorn is about more than fundraising, it's about self-reliance. Why not allow your Scouts the chance to decide for themselves?


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